Christ first! Academic support. Eclectic teaching styles. Age integration. Family involvement. Group activities.

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What is ETC?

ETC (Eclectic Teaching Consortium)
ETC is an eclectic group of home educating Christ-followers (and friends) who share support, academic supplements, and social opportunities. High-quality Core academic classes for PreK thru high school meet 2 days a week. A large variety of Elective/Extracurricular classes for all ages are held 1 day a week. Family activities and Moms’ fellowships are a regular part of what makes the ETC community. Monthly field trips, teen activities, service projects, parties, and K-6 fun days, as well as an annual graduation ceremony and a teen formal round out ETC’s offerings. All of this is done in the light of a Biblical worldview and with a high standard of behavior.

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