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ECCHO PREP High School Classes

ECCHO PREP offers a variety of academic and elective classes for homeschooled students ages 13+ on Fridays in Waxahachie.  While primarily a "drop off" program, there are certain duties that will need to be covered, so parents may be asked to serve in various capacities during the year.  Students enrolled in Prep may not participate in Junior Prep, or Enrichment Classes, however, they may be part of Camp Hoblitzelle during the same school year.

Current class offerings can be found on the Class Registration page.

ECCHO PREP High School Classes Policy

All ECCHO PREP High School Classes Policy must be followed by students at all times while on campus during ECCHO PREP High School Classes hours (9:00 am - 2:30 pm). Consequences of violation of the policy will be determined by leaders and may result in removal from our program.

Leaders are defined as any ECCHO teacher, director, or in limited cases, a parent, such as a parent helper in a class, a hall monitor, or a parent designated as “overseer” on any given day.

1. Once on campus, students may not leave the building, unless approved by a leader.

2. Students are not permitted to wander about the facility. During class time, students must be in class. During lunchtime, students must be in the lunch area.  Students may gather in specified outdoor areas ONLY with adult permission & supervision.

3. Students are not permitted to enter buildings or areas on campus other than the Cowboy Church Ranch House where ECCHO PREP classes are located, or the picnic tables in front of the arena.

4. In addition to the previously agreed upon ECCHO Code of Conduct, public displays of affection are not permitted. Hello, and Goodbye hugs are permitted. We encourage an atmosphere of friendship and acceptance among all students. Any signs of a romantic relationship are not permitted. We understand that families have varying opinions on this subject. What parents allow and students do on their own time is none of our concern, unless it affects the atmosphere we wish to maintain. Our main goals are to help families with the education of their children and provide a place for friendships to form and grow.

5. Students must do their best to stay with the group. Two students must never be alone away from the group. This is for the protection and integrity of everyone in the group. 

6. Teachers may not dismiss class early. Teachers and students must stay in the classroom for the entire time designated for a class period.

7. Student use of a cell phone or other electronic device is strictly prohibited on campus unless approved by a leader or class teacher. This includes talking, texting, social media, taking photographs, or anything that distracts from the class, including incoming alerts. Violation of this policy may result in confiscation of the device until the student leaves campus.

8. Viewing and sharing inappropriate content in any form of media is strictly prohibited.

9. Class payment is due by the first class day of each month, this payment is made directly to the teacher. Each teacher will determine the consequences for late or non-payment of class fees.

10. In the event of absence or late arrival, teachers and the director should be notified promptly.

For info, contact Wendy by email [email protected] or Stacey by email [email protected]