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Upper Classes Guidelines

All ECCHO Upper Classes Guidelines must be followed by students at all times while on campus.

Leaders are defined as any ECCHO instructor, director, a parent helping in a class, a parent helping as a hall monitor, or a parent designated as “overseer” on any given day.

1. All Upper Classmen are expected to honor, respect, and obey the ECCHO Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct, Dress Code, and Class Guidelines.

2. Students will check-in at a designated location upon arrival and check-out at departure. This is important for safety and insurance purposes. Students are expected to wear their name tag while on campus.

3. Once on campus, students must remain for the duration of their class day unless being dismissed to a parent/guardian with permission from a leader. Students are not permitted to wander about the facility or enter any areas that are not designated for their use. During class time, students must be in class. At lunch and during homeroom periods, students must stay with their designated group.

4. Student use of a cell phone or other electronic device is strictly prohibited during class time unless approved by the teacher. Phones are to be turned in upon arrival and picked up at departure. A student may check their device between classes with permission from a leader, staying at the check-in desk while doing so. The viewing and sharing of inappropriate content in any form of media is strictly prohibited.

5. Students are expected to follow all individual class expectations, including completing in-class work, homework assignments, projects, and tests. If a student or parent has a concern about workload, they should contact the teacher to discuss. Please make sure teachers are aware of any accommodation your student may require at the beginning of the school year so we can do our best to help your student thrive.

6. All fees are to be paid to the class instructor on or before the first day of class each month. The method of payment will be determined and communicated by the instructor. Fees may be paid all at once, in advance or on time, but please ensure your payments are not late or skipped.

7. In the event of absence, late arrival or early dismissal, class instructors AND an Upper Classes co-director must be notified as soon as possible. Student should complete the usual check-in or check-out requirements even if running late or leaving early.

8. Public displays of affection are not permitted. Hello and Goodbye side-hugs are permitted. We encourage an atmosphere of friendship and acceptance among all students, however any signs of a romantic relationship are not permitted. We discourage roughhousing and emphasize keeping your hands to yourself. Slapping, punching, kicking, knocking hats off, etc, even in a playful way, are not appropriate.

9. Students must do their best to stay with the group. Two students should never be alone away from the group. This is for the protection and integrity of everyone in the group.

10. If a student, parent, or leader sees/hears/experiences anything they deem inappropriate, please bring it to the attention of the appropriate person. This may be the parent, the teacher, or a Board Member, if necessary. While we don’t encourage tattling, we do want to ensure the safety of everyone in the group. ECCHO abides by the Matthew 18 Principle, see Matthew 18:15-17.

Upper Classes Discipline Guidelines:
a. A first offense will warrant a verbal warning from the teacher or adult in charge.

b. A second offense will result in documented discipline slip from the director and a call to the parent.

c. A third offense will result in a document discipline slip from the director and a call to the parent to set up a meeting with the board of directors, student, and parent to review the situation.

d. Incidents occurring repeatedly on different Upper Class days will result in a more detailed review of the situation and/or loss of Upper Class privileges.