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Code of Conduct

ECCHO Code of Conduct

ECCHO has been established as a group that seeks to encourage home educating families in a manner that honors biblical principles. As such, member of all ages are asked to abide by the following code of conduct. This is to help ECCHO participants understand what is expected of group members. Group members are encouraged to guard against fostering an intolerant or judgmental atmosphere within the group. 

1. Member families will strive to act in such a way that their words and actions promote the unity and encouragement of fellow ECCHO members. Members will strive to show respect for one another. 

2. Members will avoid acting in a way that is considered disrespectful, immoral, offensive, intimidating, belittling, or rude. 

3. Members will not use threatening, harassing, or obscene language. 

4. Members will not make any threatening or offensive physical contact with another member, including biting, shoving, grabbing, and the like. 

5. Members will avoid gossiping to or about other ECCHO families.

6. During group functions, members will strive to present a responsible, moral, and positive image to those outside our organization.

7. Members should be respectful of tour guides, speakers, etc. Be attentive and quiet during presentations and outings. Follow the specific rules of the event regarding attire, lining up, exiting, etc. Respect restrictions placed on our group by the sponsoring facility regarding the age of children, staying in designated areas, handling objects or equipment, etc. 

8. Member families will be responsible for their own children's behavior, language, and manners at co-op classes, meetings, field trips, and other ECCHO sponsored activities to ensure they are acting in accordance with this code of conduct. 

9. Any members of this organization that persist in violating this code of conduct will no longer be considered members in good standing. 


Belief Statement Regarding Homosexuality

We believe that all homosexual behavior is sin.

We believe that the scriptural admonition that “whosoever looks after a woman to lust after her has committed adultery in his heart” can be rightfully extended to cover all sexual sin and that homosexual fantasy and lusting are sins.

We believe that the homosexual identity is sinful. We regard the homosexual identity as a clever deception that often ensnares a person into homosexual behavior and fantasy. Regardless of how the identity is assumed, it remains sin for the Christian to continue seeing himself as such. This is against obvious scriptural admonitions to agree with God and see him or herself as a new creature.

We recognize that homosexual identities are based on feelings. The individual must make a conscious decision to relinquish not only his homosexual behavior, fantasy, and lusting to God, but also his identity. We believe that in time, with constant yielding to God in these areas, there will be a cleansing and renewing in the area of sexual response and feelings.

We believe that Christians who have had struggles with homosexual sin can expect the same freedom and victory over that sin just as Christians have over other sins. We also believe that temptation is a normal experience for any Christian and that believers who have been freed from homosexual sin can expect to be tempted occasionally.

We believe that there is a difference between temptation and experience, temptation and lusting, and temptation and fantasy. We believe that temptation is not sin but that yielding to temptation is a sin.

We believe that the homosexual lifestyle would rightly be called the “unfruitful works of darkness” and that believers are admonished not to have such fellowship.

We believe that homosexual sin is not a special sin. The scriptural remedies of confession, repentance, and faith in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ are sufficient to cover any homosexual sin.

We believe that God regards homosexual sin as an abomination but that He also regards all sin as such. We believe that God loves the sinner and sent His Son for the purpose of redeeming him from sin.

We believe there are three biblical options regarding sexuality for the individual who has had homosexual struggles. These are abstinence (which would be described as refraining from the sexual experience for a period of time), celibacy (which would be described as a commitment to a lifetime or a lengthy period of sexual abstinence, generally for the purpose of service to God), and heterosexual union within the confines of marriage.

It is the official position of Ellis County Christian Homeschool Organization (ECCHO) that marriage is a most sacred union, ordained of God, between one man and one woman.

This is the only acceptable definition of marriage recognized by this religious organization.