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About Enrichment Classes

Interested in attending Enrichment Classes this next semester?

Please read the info below to make sure this is a fit for your family.  Current class offerings can be found on the Class Registration page.

What are ECCHO Enrichment Classes?

ECCHO Enrichment Classes are truly a blessing! ECCHO Enrichment Classes are just one small part of what Ellis County Christian Homeschool Organization, (ECCHO) provides our local homeschool community. Enrichment Classes are a co-op or group of homeschooling families that join together to share in the enrichment of their children’s education.

ECCHO Enrichment Classes are exclusively for families that belong to ECCHO. ECCHO Enrichment Classes involve parent participation. Please do NOT expect to drop your children off at classes or activities. Parents teach classes, care for younger children, clean up, or other tasks. It is truly a cooperative effort, by all.

ECCHO Enrichment Classes provide an opportunity for our children to experience learning in a group atmosphere. Young students learn skills such as raising their hand to speak, taking turns, cooperating, listening, waiting, etc. Older students learn more advanced group skills such as working together on projects, class participation, life skills, respect for teachers, and fellow students.

ECCHO Enrichment Classes provide socialization opportunities for both the parent and the student. Students have the opportunity to socialize and make friends. Parents meet other parents, encourage each other, ask questions, discuss curriculum, and bounce ideas off each other.

How does it work?

ECCHO Enrichment Classes meet for the fall and spring semester – each semester consists of seven class days. We meet every other Friday from 9-12 pm at Longbranch Community Baptist Church in Midlothian, Texas. You can find the dates for the upcoming semester on the calendar. The registration for the fall semester will be in late May or early June and the registration for the spring semester will be in January. Classes vary each semester depending on what parents offer to teach. No two semesters are ever the same!

What fees are involved?

ECCHO Enrichment Classes have a registration fee of $20 – (this is different from the ECCHO membership fee), this helps to pay for supplies, building and insurance fees, special events, teacher gifts, etc… specific to ECCHO Enrichment Classes. In order to participate in classes, your family must be an ECCHO member in good standing, have paid the annual ECCHO membership fee, AND the $20 Enrichment Classes registration fee.

All of the classes are parent-led, and each parent/teacher comes up with his/her own supply fee to cover the cost of materials and such, for the class they are teaching. All class supply fees are expected to be paid before the class starts in order to ensure the parent/teacher has plenty of time to order and gather supplies. If class fees are not paid before the semester begins, your child may lose his/her spot.

If your family would like to attend Enrichment Classes and need financial help, please contact Wendy at 469-732-6586 or email at pres@eccho.us, as fee reductions/scholarships are available.

If you have any questions regarding Enrichment Classes, please feel free to contact one of the Co-Directors listed below.

Niki Fay - Niki@eccho.us

Lueree Acero- Lueree@eccho.us

Amanda Del Rosario - amanda@eccho.us

Brenda Vasquez - brenda@eccho.us