About Consortium Core

The Consortium Core Program, established in 2016, offers a consistent rotation of academic classes for homeschooled students covering the core subjects of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible.  In the fall of 2023, the Core program added several credit-worthy Electives to the high school schedule. 




Level (Age/Grade) Divisions  Preschool through High School students meet two days per week (Tuesday and Thursday) to study these fundamental topics in a group setting. 

Participation Requirements

Classroom content typically consists of lectures, group projects, presentations, labs, and discussions, while at-home assignments of reading and seat work are given each week to round out the student's studies.  Enrollment is offered through a university model so students can participate in 1 hour, 6 hours, or any number in between. 

Consortium Instructors  Classes are taught by professional teachers and content experts, while the curriculum is chosen for academic quality and Biblical worldview.  Over 80 students participated in our third year of Core classes, increasing to 140 by 2021/22.  Nevertheless, class size remains at an effective 5-15 students. Students may be dropped off or attend with a parent present, with parental involvement impacting the financial cost. 

Consortium Core Scope & Sequence and Curricula  Students have an opportunity to enroll in a prescribed line-up of classes, following a thoughtfully planned scope and sequence, and parents can benefit from partnering with Christian teachers to meet a wide range of student needs.  Parents retain their role as the primary educator through regular communication with Core Instructors, the responsibility of grading and record-keeping, and ultimate autonomy of their homeschool. 

Tuition & Fees  The Consortium Core program is a harmonious balance of supplementation and parental control that allows families to walk the middle ground between the heavy time commitment of homeschooling and the hefty financial burden of private school.


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2023-2024 Schedule - Calendar of class and activity dates