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Camp Classes

ECCHO is excited to be working with Camp Hobliltzelle in Midlothian to offer some exciting opportunities for our ECCHO members.

Classes will be taught by the staff at Camp Hoblitzelle.  The staff at Hoblitzelle all have background checks completed by The Salvation Army.

This is a drop-off program, but parents are always welcome to hang out and participate.  Students who are not enrolled in a class must be promptly picked up by a parent/guardian. Students 17 and under are not allowed on campus unsupervised at any time.  When not in class they must be with an adult.

Spring 2022 classes will begin in early March and end in May.  You will find dates listed on the ECCHO calendar.

Class options for the Spring 2022 semester are listed on the "Class Registration" page.

There is no registration fee, but each class carries a $35 per student, per class, monthly fee.  The fees are paid directly to The Salvation Army, via cash, check, or credit card on the first class day of each month.

ECCHO policies, guidelines, code of conduct, dress code, etc. are in effect when we are at Camp Hoblitzelle.

Please note that Camp classes are for ECCHO members only.  You can join by clicking the JOIN button in the top right corner.


Spring 2022 Information

  1. Class dates are March 4 – May 27, 2022 (We are trying to avoid the worst weather of the winter season so we don't freeze or miss out on class days.)

  2. Classes will begin promptly on the hour and end promptly on the hour.

    1. 1st period – 9-10 am

    2. 2nd period – 10-11 am

    3. 3rd period – 11-12 pm

    4. Lunch – 12-1:30 pm

    5. 4th period – 1:30 – 2:30 pm

    6. 5th period – 2:30 – 3:30 pm

  3. Class age groups are set by CH and we will be following them. Students must fall between the indicated ages to enroll in the class.C

  4. Issues with another student, instructor, or the program need to be addressed directly with Tako Davidson or Wendy Johnson.

  5. Class fees are paid on the first day of class each month – a check made payable to The Salvation Army, cash in a labeled envelope, or cards will be accepted.

  6. Absences need to be reported – please text Wendy Johnson at 469-732-6586 with child's first and last name, so that CH can be notified they will not be on campus.

  7. Students 17 and under, on campus, MUST be with a parent or guardian at all times. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for students who are left unattended. This is a safety issue and CH has addressed this several times with our group and families. If you are dropping off, please arrive 5 minutes before the hour of pick up. If you are going to be late, please contact Wendy Johnson at 469-732-6586 so I can make arrangements for your child/children until you arrive. **Remember you have to options of arranging with another family to be responsible for your child(ren) while you are not on campus.