What does PHS cost?

Annual Membership Fee

Our annual membership fee is $70 per family, which is used to pay rent, insurance, website fees and other overhead costs. The fee is $35 for families who only enroll for Spring Semester.

Tuition and Materials

In addition, students pay tuition and fees for their classes directly to their instructors, generally via PayPal through the PHS website. Students may register for up to 4 classes per semester.

Tuition: Varies by course and instructor, from $10 to $20 per class meeting, or $120 to $240 for the 12-week Fall Semester or $160 to $320 for the 16-week Spring Semester.

Materials and other fees: Varies by course and instructor. Many classes do not have any additional fees, those that do typically charge from $15 to $50 per semester. Some courses may have required textbooks or other required supplies that students must purchase independently.

Refund policy

Please read our refund policy.