A PHS prepares to begin filming during Adventures in Filmaking with Deacon Warner during the Spring 2019 semester.

History of Planet Homeschool


The idea for a secular homeschool cooperative for older students started taking shape in the spring of 1999 when homeschooling mom Julie Abel began wondering what the next stage of homeschooling might look like for her ten- and eleven-year-old children. She wanted some help with academics in the coming years as well as a supportive and welcoming community. With the thought that structured classes one day a week could provide this, she contacted her friend Zoe Carroll Kuester and together they launched what would become Planet Homeschool.

They started by contacting their homeschooling friends and acquaintances. Several showed interest, and through a series of meetings formed an assortment of committees to tackle the myriad issues involved in starting a parent-led learning cooperative. The families developed a mission statement that summed up their intent: “We are an educational cooperative for homeschooled students in upper elementary grades through high school. We are committed to building and sustaining a positive and enriching environment for learning, socialization, and support.

Planet Homeschool, the name chosen by voting on names submitted by students at the first gathering, began weekly Thursday classes at Creek Valley Baptist Church in Edina starting in the fall of 1999, as a program of the non-profit corporation Learning for Life Cooperative, Inc..



In 2007 Planet Homeschool moved from Edina to South Minneapolis, spending three years at Minnehaha United Methodist Church.



In 2010 Planet Homeschool changed location once again and relocated to Northeast Minneapolis at the Grace Center for Community Life.



Planet Homeschool moved to its current location at Faith United Methodist Church in Saint Anthony Village in 2013.



In the summer of 2015, the decision was made to dissolve Learning for Life Cooperative, Inc., and a new non-profit corporation, Minnesota Secular Homeschool Enrichment, Inc. took over the Planet Homeschool program.



In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Planet Homeschool introduces synchronous online classes.


Fall 1999
(Creek Valley)
Fall 2007
South Minneapolis
Fall 2010
Northeast Minneapolis
Fall 2013
Saint Anthony Village
Summer 2015
March 2020


A colorful slice of rainbow layer cake with candles.2023–2024 is Planet Homeschool’s 25th Year!

Our co-op has been around for a quarter of a century!

  1. 1999–2000: Planet Homeschool begins weekly Thursday classes in Edina
  2. 2000–2001
  3. 2001–2002
  4. 2002–2003
  5. 2003–2004
  6. 2004–2005
  7. 2005–2006
  8. 2006–2007
  9. 2007–2008: Planet Homeschool moves to South Minneapolis
  10. 2008–2009
  11. 2009–2010
  12. 2010–2011: Planet Homeschool moves to Northeast Minneapolis
  13. 2011–2012
  14. 2012–2013
  15. 2013–2014: Planet Homeschool moves to Saint Anthony Village and switches from Thursdays to Fridays
  16. 2014–2015
  17. 2015–2016: Learning for Life Cooperative, Inc. dissolved and replaced by a new non-profit corporation, Minnesota Secular Homeschool Enrichment, Inc. (MSHE)
  18. 2016–2016
  19. 2017–2018
  20. 2018–2018
  21. 2019–2020: Planet Homeschool introduces synchronous online classes in response to COVID-19
  22. 2020–2021
  23. 2021–2022
  24. 2022–2023
  25. 2023–2024: 25th Anniversary!


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