Allergy and Food Sensitivity Policy

Over the years, quite a few students with allergies and food sensitivities have attended PHS without experiencing allergy-related problems, so it is definitely possible to make PHS work for students with dietary restrictions. However, families should be aware that PHS is not an allergen-free environment. Because PHS is a volunteer-run co-op intended primarily for students 12 and up, we expect families and students to take responsibility for managing their food allergies while they're at PHS. Parents and/or students are responsible for asking teachers for potential accommodations in classes, such as avoiding allergens in class projects.

If a student is not developmentally ready to manage their allergy independently or are at very high risk of a severe reaction, parents should plan to stay on-site while the student attends classes, or they may want to wait to register until the student is older. For more information, please contact us at