Planet Homeschool Student Agreement

Our community functions best when we strive to be kind and respectful of both ourselves and our fellow members. All of PHS is a shared space and we must work together to ensure it is a welcoming and safe space for everyone. With that in mind, I agree to the following expectations:

1. I will treat myself, others, and our rented space with respect and consideration.

In our shared space at PHS, I agree to refrain from:

  • Name-calling, jokes, or slurs that put down or threaten individuals or entire groups of people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, people of color, people of particular genders, people of certain faiths or ethnic backgrounds, and people with disabilities
  • Profanity/swearing
  • R-rated, NSFW-type conversations about sex and violence
  • Forcing unwanted physical contact on others or touching others without consent
  • Making harassing or unkind comments about others’ bodies, appearances, or abilities
  • Acting in ways that physically endanger or threaten to endanger anyone
  • Damaging the space we rent from Faith United Methodist Church
  • Public displays of affection more suited to a private place than a shared space

I also agree not to harass or bully other PHS members on social media, online chat forums, or through direct messages or emails.

I understand that some classes may involve talking about violence, racism, sexism, religious intolerance, or other emotionally charged topics, and I agree to be sensitive to others when discussing these topics.

Our community’s goal is to peacefully resolve disagreements and offer students a chance to learn from mistakes, but I understand that a pattern of not following these guidelines after being asked to change my behavior can lead to me being asked to leave Planet Homeschool.

Individual instructors also may set their own policies regarding behavior in the classroom and the removal of students from their classes for cause.

2. I will stay in spaces we’re allowed to be in at PHS.

  • Enter/exit through the South door to the building.
    Not the main church entrance
  • PHS students can be in first-floor classrooms, lounge, storage closet, first-floor restrooms, L-shaped hallway by classrooms, the ramp outside the Fellowship Hall and the Fellowship Hall. (Empty classrooms, the resource room, and the storage closet may be used for a break from noise)
    Not the elevator (unless needed as a Disability entrance to the Hall), the stairs leading to the double doors, or the entire second floor
  • Outdoors, students can use picnic tables, the parking lot, and West side of building.
    Not the North side by the street entrance to the building along 33rd Avenue NE.

3. I will eat food only in designated areas

Food is allowed in the Fellowship Hall, outside, or in the hallway outside of the lounge by the parent monitors. Food can also be shared in classes when brought by teachers.

4. I will pitch in.

I understand that all students and parents are expected to help with cleaning up after ourselves and setting up and taking down classrooms.

5. If someone else’s behavior bothers me, I will speak to them or ask others for help.

If an adult or student’s behavior is bothering me, I understand I have the right to tell them their behavior is bothering me and ask for a change in how they are acting or treating me.

If I don’t feel comfortable or safe addressing a situation on my own, I understand I can seek help from my parents, a teacher, any other parent present, or a fellow student.

6. If someone tells me my behavior is bothering them, I will do my best to listen and try to modify my behavior.

If the disagreement persists, I understand that my parents and I will be expected to meet with other co-op members to work out a solution together.

I have read and agree to do my best to follow the above expectations.


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As a parent (or parents) at Planet Homeschool, I/we have read and agree to follow the above expectations and will help my/our student to follow those expectations.


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