$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)


ACCOUNTING TOOL - Administrator Side 

Track your accounts receivable online— send invoices, record payments, make adjustments!

Automation saves time. As your members sign up online for membership, classes, field trips, and yearbooks, invoices are automatically generated. When your members pay online, payments are automatically recorded. It’s that easy! 

Cash and checks. If not everyone in your group is paying online, your treasurer can manually enter cash and checks.

Membership renewals. In less than a minute you can generate one invoice and send it to all of your members simultaneously, informing them that it is time to renew their membership. Members click the Pay Now button on their emailed invoice and make an online payment, which is automatically recorded. It’s that easy!  


  • Using one of our online payment processors, you can accept all major credit cards
  • Go paperless--email your invoices and receive payments online (printing is also an option)
  • Export your files to an excel spreadsheet
  • Accept partial payments, each payment is applied to the member's outstanding balance
  • Multiple online payment accounts allow payment to go directly to teachers or field trip coordinators

See a Sample Accounting Tool:

Sample Accounting Tool

Accounting Tool Introduction

What members said when the Accounting Tool was introduced:

I have two reactions fighting each other: giddy excitedment and a HUGE sigh of relief!
Accounting snarls have been my biggest headache all year - and we offer over 100 classes. Thank you? Thank you! (Doesn’t seem like enough.)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I ADORE the one central spot for everything approach. A lot of our work sessions are two women sitting across from each other for hours, working opposite ends of the same issues. (You mark the field trip paid, I’ll note the membership payment. What check number was that again??) I see a greatly reduced number of mouse clicks in my future!

The Accounts Receivable list? THANK YOU! I had to look at each family (160) individually to see if anyone owed money. This often led to multiple calls to the same family. (I need your field trip payment... Oh! I need your class payment... Did you pay for your graduation gown?) Two weeks were spend going through all accounts and making sure everything was paid before we started the next year’s registration. HOURS will be saved!!