$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)



Fast and Secure online payments.

Easier for you. Easier for your families. When families request membership, register for classes, sign-up for field trips, purchase t-shirts or yearbooks, they can complete the payment for their purchase online. It’s that easy!

Easier for your treasurer. Your treasurer will enjoy the ease and convenience of managing payments without ever having to handle the money. Online payments are automatically recorded in your Homeschool-Life.com accounting system. 

Newtek Payment Processing.  Eliminate up to 100% of your merchant processing fees by using Newtek’s Zero Cost Processing Solution. Newtek is Homeschool-Life.com’s preferred online payment processing vendor. Flat 3% processing fees and same-day funding are just a couple of the advantages of using Newtek. Read more about this simple and affordable online payment option.

PayPal. For your convenience, we also offer integration with PayPal. The latest PayPal fee structure can be found at www.PayPal.com.