$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)



Electronically register members in half the time.

Your existing registration form, as well as your Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct, Medical Release, etc., can be converted to online forms for your families to complete.

Homeschool-Life has a customizable registration form to help you capture the information you need from each family. Here’s the online registration process:

  1. A new homeschooling family requests membership in your group.
  2. The family’s information is gathered and stored in their electronic profile and they are automatically ushered to a screen to pay the membership dues.
  3. An email notification goes to your group admin for approval.
  4. Your admin’s 1-click approval adds the new family to your group.  It’s that easy!

Automate Membership Renewals too!

Set up one membership renewal invoice for “All Active Members” in Homeschool-Life’s accounting system and click one button requiring all members to refresh their personal information on their next login. Voila! It’s that easy! 

Need more? Perhaps it is necessary to update your medical release form annually. Simply attach the form to your membership’s profile. When they update their personal information they also complete a new medical release form. Who knew going electronic would save you so much time and effort?!

To summarize, below are the features of online registration and renewals:

  • New families register, registrations are held in queue until your admin gives their 1-click approval or denial
  • Customizable registration form allows you to capture the necessary information
  • Add your Statement of Faith for a seamless registration experience
  • Easily convert any form to add to your registration process
  • Renew with an invoice to all and a required update of their personal info
  • Add additional annual forms to the profile to be completed during annual renewal

See a Sample Registration:

Sample Registration

Family Registration Process