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We are devoted to your success. 

Rapid Response Time. Your concerns are our top priority. We address problems promptly and thoroughly, making sure you are satisfied with our service. 

By Homeschoolers, For Homeschoolers. When you call or email, rest assured that you are working with a very knowledgeable support staff who are dedicated to your success.

Trainers. Our trainers are homeschooling moms and group leaders who have used Homeschool-Life.com for many years. We invite you to request time with a trainer to better acquaint you with the features of your website. These meetings are online, interactive, and customized to meet your needs. Feel free to ask your questions and explain your specific application. We are happy to help.  

We are Listening. Homeschool-Life.com is tuned in. We love to hear your comments about how we can make the website better. We owe our success to leaders who have offered their ideas and suggestions through the years. If there is an improvement you would like to see, leave us a comment so we can try to make it happen.

YouTube Channel. Check out the Homeschool-Life YouTube Channel which is loaded with helpful training videos demonstrating how to make best use of your website.