$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)



Everyone can upload their photos into your Photo Gallery. Everyone can share the memories.

Everyone’s a Photographer! With cameras in phones, we can usually count on lots of pictures being taken during field trips, park days, events, and activities. The problem is that we need a central place to upload the photos so we can share the captured memories with the group. The solution – Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery. Your group goes on a field trip to the zoo. The first person to share photos creates a new photo album named Zoo Field Trip. All other members can add their zoo photos into that album as well. An admin receives an email that photos are pending approval. When the admin approves the photos, everyone will be able to see them. It’s that easy!

Slide Show. Members can click on "Preview This Slideshow" to see any of the photo albums as a slideshow on their screen. The admin can dress up the website by adding a slideshow from any album to any page on your site.

Benefits of Photo Gallery:

  • Shared memories – “I’m so glad you snapped that pic of our kids beside the zoo sign!”
  • Yearbook - Yearbook team needs your photos.
  • Encourage involvement - When others see how much fun you are having they want to join in.
  • Advertise - Pics from this year’s event can be used to advertise the event next year.

See a Sample Photo Gallery:

Sample Photo Album

Photo Gallery