$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)

per year

Membership Registration

Email Tool

Membership Management

Import / Export tools

Membership Directory


Moderated Forums

Event Signups

Business Directory

Classifieds, Links, FAQ’s

Class Registration

Photo Gallery

Classroom Dashboard

Mobile Friendly


Trainers available


Personalized Tech Support

Attendance and Rosters

Online Payment Integration

Automated newsletter emails

Accounting tool, invoices, payments
*minimum and maximum fees apply

$9.50/family* + options
per year

Text Messaging / SMS

Domain Name with 5 Forwarded Email Addresses

Email Accounts @yourdomain

Top-Level Domain and SSL Certificate 

Custom Website Design

Site Transfer & Membership Import

*minimum and maximum fees apply


 Free to try for 60 days, with no obligations.

Is it affordable?

Yes! It is affordable. At $9.50 per year/per family, that equates to less than $0.80 per month*. Your group will enjoy a professional website complete with an online interactive calendar, a forum, an accounting package, a class registration tool, and so much more. The return on investment will be phenomenal! Of course, every investment in the education of children has far-reaching effects. Having your own group website will help the students, their families, and the leadership of the support group and/or co-op. 

*Maximum & Minimum Fees. Homeschool-Life.com has set maximum and minimum fees. If you have more than 210 families there is no additional charge, your bill will be capped at 210 families. For small groups, there is a minimum fee for 11 family licenses.

Easy invoicing. The subscription renews annually and can be paid by check, credit card or PayPal. Your group will be billed according to the number of active members in your group at the time of renewal. If more than 10 homeschooling families join the group after your renewal date, you will be billed for the new families at that time. Families who are no longer part of your group can be "parked" at any time and are not counted in your total numbers.

Homeschool-Life.com is an affordable web hosting service for homeschool groups and co-ops. Sign up today for a FREE 60-day trial!

Can you explain how the Pricing Plan works for different member sizes?

We welcome groups of all sizes, large and small. To accommodate everyone, we have established minimum and maximum invoicing rates as follows: Groups with 12 or less families will be billed for 11 families. Groups with 210+ families will be capped at our maximum rate of 210 families, which is $1,995 per year. Learn more about pricing.


What are your payment methods?

Homeschool-Life.com accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, checks and money orders. We work directly with you to arrange payment. Invoices are emailed 30 days prior to the annual renewal date along with several friendly reminders. Learn more about payment methods.

What if I have an existing web site?

You can easily convert your existing web site into our service.  With our web tools and easy setup of pages, transferring information from your old site to our service is a snap!  If you get stuck, we show you how!  This is a full featured, professional content managment system which gives you the control over the entire web site.  Minimal time commitment for those administrating the site! You can even have multiple people administrate different parts of the web site. No special software or training, very straightforward and easy to use, your organization or business will be able to fully maintain its Web site. All you need is an Internet connection!

What if I have my own domain name?

You can use our service and still keep your own domain name.  It's easy and we show how!  Register your domain name with us; it's easy and we do all the work! Learn more about domain names.

Can you do Site Transfers?

Yes, please call for an estimate. We are very affordable!  To get started, click on Request Information. You can get started on your site today!

Can you provide Custom Graphics for my website?

Yes, please call for an estimate. We are very affordable!  To get started, click on Request Information. You can get started on your site today!


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