$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)



Group email tool helps leaders communicate with families.

Email Tool. The email tool allows administrators to easily email one family, all families, or only a select group of families within your homeschool group without having to search for individual email addresses. Schedule emails to be delivered at a future date, add attachments, and more!

Preset “Send To” Options.

  1. Last Name: Send to individual families by last name
  2. Section: Admins are able to place their members in sections such as teachers, families with seniors, etc. Specific sections can be checkmarked to send emails to everyone in that section.
  3. Website: Send to those who have a family website or do not have a family website
  4. Parked: Only families that are parked or only families that are not parked. Admins are able to park members, which removes their ability to login but does not remove the member from their site. (Groups often use this feature for non-payment. When the member pays, they can be un-parked.)
  5. Balance: Send to families with a zero balance or families without a zero balance
  6. Force Profile Edit: Families who have edited their profile or families who have yet to edit their profile can be selected to receive your email.

Preset "Attachment" Options. For the following items you can simply check a box to have the information included in your email. You are also able to send your own file as an attachment.

  • Membership Profile
  • Statement of Account

This valuable tool enhances communication between leadership and families. It is our pleasure to make your job easier.

Additional Features.

  • Email history allows you to view email delivery reports
  • Search for families and download their information for your records

Email Tool