$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)


FORUM - Online Open Communication!

Bring unity to your group with open communication—any time, any place. 

FORUM – Stay Connected with Group Discussions. Your families may be spread across the social media spectrum, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The Homeschool-Life.com forum is a great way to bring everyone together! It is secure. You don’t have to worry about questionable banners and pop-up ads. And best of all, everyone is getting the same messages!

Secure Forums. All of our forums are safe and secure from the public. We are using the term “secure forums” to distinguish between open to your whole group and open to only those you have selected. While it is great to have everyone on the same page, not every message applies to every family. For example, when a family of high school students receives messages about elementary park days, it can be perceived as junk mail. To streamline communications to those whom the message applies, we present secure forums. In the example above, a secure forum category would be created and a checkmark would be placed beside the names of families who have elementary students. Only those with a checkmark would receive the elementary park day messages. It’s that easy!

Moderated Forums. There may be occasions when a leader wants to moderate a forum. This means that the leader approves or denies any messages in a specific category prior to the message being sent to your group. A moderated forum category would be created and a checkmark would be placed beside the person or persons who will moderate that forum. It’s that easy! 


  • Secure
  • Searchable
  • Email notifications
  • Email direct to forum (optional)
  • Ability to add a disclaimer message to each forum
  • Daily digest email notification (optional)
  • Forum categories to organize and easily retrieve communications
  • Ability to exclude families from the forum as needed
  • Automated deletion schedule based on your preferences
  • Attach files

See a Sample Forum:

Sample Forum

Forum Tool for Administrators

Forum Tool for Families