Additional Services

Site Transfers & Membership Import. 
If you have an existing website, let us transfer all the contents of your public pages for a smooth transition to our service. Email [email protected] for an affordable estimate. It is our pleasure to make the transition seamless for your families and easy on you!

If you do not currently have a website, you can easily import your membership list from a spreadsheet! Let us show you how. Email [email protected].

Domain Registration Service. 
If you already have a domain name, you can keep it and still use our service.  It’s easy and we will show you how.  Better yet, we will do it for you!  For just $35 per year, we are happy to point to, transfer, purchase, and renew your domain name.  For an additional $30 per year you can purchase an email account which offers you a personalized email address.  We also now offer Microsoft Office365 Email hosting!  If you are interested in these services, email us at [email protected] and ask us to host your domain and/or provide you with an email account.  Click HERE for more information on Domains and Emails.

Graphic Design. 
We provide an assortment of design layout templates from which you can select the images and color scheme that best suit your group.   We also have widgets for you to customize your home pages.  If you want a more customized website than the templates provide, or just do not have time to do it yourself, we have gifted Graphic Designers who specialize in site makeovers, logos, new colors, and a fresh look.  To inquire about custom graphic design, email [email protected] for an affordable estimate.  Click HERE for more information on Custom Graphics.