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Organize your Co-op Classes, Instructors, Parents and Students with the Classroom Dashboard  

Does your homeschool group or co-op offer classes? Or are you thinking about offering classes in the future? If so, then you’ll love some of the new features we released recently. These were wish list items received from you and we thought they were great ideas that would benefit everyone. 

There is now a new Classroom Dashboard Designer under the Pages menu. From here you can:

• Determine Parent, Student and Instructor dashboards layouts. These are all preset for you to help you jump start your class dashboards. You can easily modify and add widgets as needed.

• Select from widget types:

  • My Class Instructors
  • My Class Registrations
  • My Class Forums
  • My Class Assignments
  • My Class Grades
  • My Class Attendance

As the names suggest, these will dynamically display lists of information based on the user’s (Admin, Instructor or Family) role and current classes.

Classroom Dashboard Overview

Parent Dashboard - Website Admin View

Parent View - Logged in as the Parent

Student View - Logged in as the Student

Instructor View