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Each family pays only $9* per year. 

Affordable.  For only 75¢* a month per family, your group will enjoy a professional website complete with an online interactive calendar, a forum, an accounting package, a class registration tool, and so much more.  The return on investment will be phenomenal!  Of course, every investment into the education of children has far reaching effects.  Having your own group website will help the students, their families, and the leadership of the support group and/or co-op.

*See maximum & minimum fees below

Maximum & Minimum Fees. has set maximum and minimum fees, which is great news for large groups who pay only for the first 210 families.  If you have more than 210 families there is no additional charge, your bill will be capped at 210 families.  For small groups, there is a minimum fee: if you have less than 12 families, your annual bill will be just $99.

Easy invoicing.  Subscription renews annually and can be paid by check, credit card or PayPal.  Your group will be billed according to the number of active members in your group at the time of renewal. If more than 10 homeschooling families join the group after your renewal date, you will be billed for the new families at that time. Families who are no longer part of your group can be "parked" at any time and are not counted in your total numbers. is an affordable web hosting service for homeschool groups and co-ops.  Sign up today for a FREE 60-day trial!


FREE 60-Day Trial

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