$9.50/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)



Families print their own membership cards.

Teacher Discounts. Many stores such as bookstores, craft stores, party stores, and school supplies stores offer teacher discounts. A membership card for a homeschool support group or co-op may be proof enough to qualify for discounts at some stores, theme parks, museums, etc. We offer no guarantees because each state is different and each store unique, but many families have been given teacher discounts by showing their membership card.

Proof of Homeschooling. A membership card to a homeschooling support group or co-op may be used as proof of homeschooling in some situations. It is not a legal document but may satisfy some inquiries.

Card options. Customize your card by adding your own group logo to our professional-looking template. A family card is available, as well as cards for each student.

See a Sample Membership Card:

Sample Membership Card