Score and rehearsal for Babes in Toyland during the Spring 2019 semester open paint cans for Stagecraft during the Spring 2019 semester a whisk in a bowl of frothed liquid from How to Boil Water during Spring 2019 semester two PHS students practice Ballroom Dance during Spring 2019 Semester money and worksheets from Japanese during Spring 2021 semester fencing gear including foil, glove, and helmet sit on the floor next a PHS student during a spring 2019 fencing class

Tim Hereid To All Instructors

Tim Hereid is a licensed teacher, homeschool educator, private tutor, writer, and passionate learner who has worked with homeschoolers in Maine, New York, Wisconsin, and Minnesota over the past fifteen years. He grew up in south-central Wisconsin, attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and received his Master’s in Education from Hamline University in St. Paul. He is a passionate homeschool advocate, a proponent of project-based learning, and absolutely loves teaching and learning.

Current Classes
Contemporary Moral Problems – Instructor (closed)
Will You Be Rich When You Grow Up? Economics for Everyday Life – Instructor (closed)
North American Geography for Everyone – Instructor (open)
Sign Language for Beginners I – Instructor (open)
Creative Writing: Fantasy – Instructor (open)
Sign Language for Beginners II – Instructor (open)