Score and rehearsal for Babes in Toyland during the Spring 2019 semester open paint cans for Stagecraft during the Spring 2019 semester a whisk in a bowl of frothed liquid from How to Boil Water during Spring 2019 semester two PHS students practice Ballroom Dance during Spring 2019 Semester money and worksheets from Japanese during Spring 2021 semester fencing gear including foil, glove, and helmet sit on the floor next a PHS student during a spring 2019 fencing class

Joyce Nelson Shellhart To All Instructors

Joyce Nelson Shellhart received her BA in Art from Mount Mercy University with a minor in Education. After teaching Art in the public high school, she was forced to retire early due to Multiple Sclerosis. But as Joyce says, “I love teaching and working with students. I may not be able to teach full time — but I haven’t given up the joy of watching the creative light glow in a student’s eye.” She has spent the past years teaching Art to 4H groups, Community Education Classes to all age groups, Workshops at Art Centers, Homeschool Academies, and private students. Joyce is a published author. She has facilitated Practice Writing Groups over the last 10 years. She is a practicing Artist and Author. Joyce currently lives on Lake Minnetonka with her Poshie, Teddybear and her Russian Tortoise, Dottie.

Current Classes
ABCs of Drawing for Beginning to Accomplished – Instructor (open)
Discover the World Through Acrylic Painting – Instructor (closed)
Acrylics and Mixed Media – Instructor (open)
Jewelry and Metalwork – Instructor (inactive)