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Riley Davis To All Instructors

Riley Davis (They/Them or He/Him pronouns) is a graduate from Hamline University with a degree in English Literature and Anthropology. He is an Assistant Manager at an independent bookstore in Saint Paul. He has an expertise in Science Fiction and Children's literature.

"Hi, my name is Riley (they/them). I’m a former frontline activist from Black Lives Matter and #NODAPL from 2014-2017 who now lives a quiet life as a bookseller and avid reader. I like to use books to understand how the world sees people like me and to explain the history of how people like me have been seen. Oh? Did I say books? I meant all forms of literature including movies, graphic novels, theater, music, and memes. I believe these are all important for understanding the world we exist in and the people who are a part of it. Rest assured you will interact with each of these literary forms in this class where we learn and discuss how blackness and the subsequent anti-blackness Along with colonialism shapes the world we live in and how we can combat it for something better."

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