Planet Homeschool Rules

1. Where to be:

As indicated in our lease, PHS has use of the following spaces:

  1. Enter/exit through the West door to the building.
     Not the main entrance (except by teachers class set up.)

  2. First floor classrooms, lounge, storage closet, bathrooms, L-shaped hallway by classrooms & the bathrooms on the way to Fellowship Hall, the ramp outside the Fellowship Hall and the Fellowship Hall. (Empty classrooms may be used for quiet study)
     Not the elevator (unless needed as a Disability entrance to the Hall),
      the stairs leading to the double doors or
      the entire second floor

  3. Outdoor space - picnic tables, parking lot, and West side of building.
    Not the North side by the street entrance to the building.

2. How to behave:

Treat each other, the community and the space with respect. Behavior, language and conversation topics should be appropriate for a public place. (Check the website for the full behavior policy)

3. Where to eat:

Food is allowed in the Fellowship Hall, outside or in the hallway outside of the lounge by the Parent Monitor only.

4. Clean up after yourself and keep the spaces clean.

PHS is its own janitor. The church events of the weekend depend on us leaving the space as clean as we found it. This is included in our lease arrangement, along with a fee noted if the church needs to clean after our use.

5. Pitch in.

Everyone (all students and parents who are present) is expected to help with set up and take down of classrooms. The lease provides that we will handle our own rearranging of furniture and that things need to be put back in place for the church's weekend activities.

6. Ask for help!

Let the Parent Monitor know if you need help with anything during the day.