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Please be aware we are a secular homeschool co-op for ages 10 through high school and we meet in St. Anthony, MN on Fridays from 9:15-3:15. You are encouraged to read about our co-op on this website before submitting a proposal. If you would like to submit a syllabus or other information that you can't fit on this form, please email it to PlanetHomeschoolMN@gmail.com 

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Does the class have prerequisites or special classroom requirements? For instance, do you need a room with a sink, or a whiteboard, or a room with windows? PHS does have wifi access, though it is spotty. Teachers have to provide their own projectors and DVD players if they want to show films or project slideshows; PHS does not provide those items for teachers.

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Cost per student per class meeting (tip: you can look at our most current class schedule to get a sense of typical tuitions at PHS. PHS classes meet for 12 weeks in the fall semester and 16 weeks in the spring)

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What is the maximum number of students for this class? (Our classrooms can accommodate a maximum of 12 to 20 students, depending on the room).