PSEO Psychology Courses

General Psychology - PSYC 125 - 3 credits 

Professor:  TBD

Prerequisite: none This course is the pre-requisite to all other psychology courses
Class Type: One-semester course 

Course Description:



This course is an overview of psychology. It involves a study of its fundamental concepts including development, heredity, environment, personality, motivation, emotion, stress and adjustments, sensation and perception, theory psychological measurement and psycho-therapy.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will become familiar with fundamental concepts or principles in psychology
  2. The student will acquire basic knowledge in the discipline of psychology.
  3. The student will become familiar with the basic processes of scientific research.
  4. The student will think critically about human behavior, theory, and research.
  5. The student will consider issues relevant to the integration of psychology and theology.
  6. The student will develop ways of integrating psychology into everyday life (i.e. ministry, parenting, personal growth, relationships, etc.)
  7. The student will be stimulated to further consider issues in psychology.

Materials: (provided at no charge to PSEO students)

  1. Myers, D.. Exploring Psychology (latest edition), New York: Worth Publishers.
  2. Myers, D., & Jeeves, M. (2003) Psychology through the eyes of faith (2nd edition). San Francisco: HarperCollins.
  3. Course Manual

Course application and transferability:
  • NCU General Education Core in Social Relations
  • MN Transfer Credits: General Education Category in History, Social and Behavioral Sciences

 Total Due:

  • All tuition and text materials costs for this course are paid to NCU by MN PSEO funding.
  • Adjunct professors are paid by NCU.
  • Fee for this 3 credit course is $15.00 ($5.00 per credit) plus a $20.00 one-time/student/semester initial administrative processing fee.
  • WEST fees will be billed online as one lump sum to the student's family upon acceptance of the student to his/her PSEO NCU courses at WEST.