PSEO Psychology Courses

PSEO General Psychology - PSY 130 - 3 credits (Crown College)

Instructor:  Jenevieve Rannow

Prerequisite:  none

Class Type:  One semester course offered fall semester only.   General Psychology is an online course through Crown College that will meet with instructor, Jenevieve Ranno , for 90 minutes each week to facilitate material.  

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the discipline of psychology, including the principles, methods, vocabulary, and major theories in the study of human behavior. Applications of psychology for life and ministry will be examined. Biblical teaching will be brought to bear on the subject matter to enable the student to develop a Christian perspective of psychology. 

Total Due:

  • All tuition and text materials costs for this course are paid to Crown College by MN PSEO funding.
  • Adjunct professors are paid by Crown College.
  • Fee for this 3 credit course is $15.00 ($5.00 per credit) plus a $20.00 one-time/student/semester initial administrative processing fee.
  • WEST fees will be billed online as one lump sum to the student's family upon acceptance of the student to his/her PSEO Crown College courses at WEST.