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PSEO Application Process

Make Sure Homeschooled Student Meets Eligibility Requirements

High school juniors or seniors who meet the following Admissions requirements may apply and be admitted to the PSEO program at Crown College or Bethel university on a space-available basis:

  • Minnesota Resident: Only Minnesota residents are eligible for the PSEO program
  • The Crown College / Bethel University PSEO program is open to both high school Juniors and Seniors
  • Crown College Minimum GPA 3.25  |  Crown College does not require any test scores
  • Bethel University either a Minimum GPA 3.0  or ACT score in the 75th percentile or score of 24
  • Ability to succeed at the higher education level of academic rigors
  • List PSEO Student on Homeschool Reporting Form to School District (Law Changed in 2022...must notify district now)

Apply to Crown College /  Bethel University

  • The most up-to-date information for Crown College / Bethel University PSEO information is available at:
  • Crown College / Bethel University will collect your application, transcripts, Pre-ACT(score of 17 or higher)/ACT/SAT/PSAT score (whichever you desire), NSR (State Form)
  • Send ALL of this information directly to Crown College / Bethel Univeristy
  • Deadline for new applications:
    • Fall semester is typically mid-July at Crown College and BEFORE May 1 for Bethel University
    • Spring semester, new applications are typically due November 1
  • Check the Crown College / Bethel University websites for exact dates
  • Students must indicate on their application that they are enrolling in PSEO classes on the WEST campus
  • Student to sign FERPA Release at each PSEO institution accepted to

Accepted at Crown College / Bethel University

  • Crown College / Bethel University will notify WEST of your acceptance
  • Refer to PSEO Registration Process Page for specific directions
  • Student to sign FERPA Release at each PSEO institution accepted to


Go to Registration and Enrollment Policies for payment options and information