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  • WEST desires to come alongside homeschool students and families in a manner which supports the work and training done at home in preparation for college/university
  • WEST brings quality college/university courses locally on our campus to help reduce higher educational and travel costs, continue student community, provide smaller classroom populations, teach in a faith-based environment
  • Student have the opportunity to learn with in-class only instruction and/or a hybrid model of in-class and on-line instruction
  • Students are able to maintain their educational and social community on the WEST campus while attending PSEO
  • Students receive on average a professor to student ratio of 1:5
  • Easy and neat transfer of credits to other colleges/universities/trade schools
  • Students are taught by professors and in-person
  • In alignment with our mission and purpose, WEST partners with higher education organizations and adjunct professors that prioritize a Christian Biblical Worldview in the classroom
  • Adjunct college/university professors strive for excellence in education
  • Students are able to grow their faith through college courses in a Christian setting