student hot glues a crystal to a staff, table top game, backlit biology experiment, students stands holding a foil, FPV goggles, transmitter and tiny whoop drone, cooking utensils, student's handing w Score and rehearsal for Babes in Toyland during the Spring 2019 semester a whisk in a bowl of frothed liquid from How to Boil Water during Spring 2019 semester two PHS students practice Ballroom Dance during Spring 2019 Semester money and worksheets from Japanese during Spring 2021 semester fencing gear including foil, glove, and helmet sit on the floor next a PHS student during a spring 2019

Planet Homeschool's 25th Year! To Publications / Articles - Planet Homeschool's 25th Year!

Posted 5/15/23
PHS Leadership Team | 2023–2024

A colorful slice of rainbow layer cake with candles.2023–2024 will be Planet Homeschool’s 25th Year!

Our co-op has been around for a quarter of a century!

  1. 1999–2000: Planet Homeschool was founded by Julie Abel and Zoe Carroll Kuester as a program of the non-profit corporation Learning for Life Cooperative, Inc. and begins weekly Thursday classes in Edina
  2. 2000–2001
  3. 2001–2002
  4. 2002–2003
  5. 2003–2004
  6. 2004–2005
  7. 2005–2006
  8. 2006–2007
  9. 2007–2008: Planet Homeschool moved to South Minneapolis
  10. 2008–2009
  11. 2009–2010
  12. 2010–2011: Planet Homeschool moved to Northeast Minneapolis
  13. 2011–2012
  14. 2012–2013
  15. 2013–2014: Planet Homeschool moved to Saint Anthony Village and switched from Thursdays to Fridays
  16. 2014–2015
  17. 2015–2016: Learning for Life Cooperative, Inc. dissolved and replaced by a new non-profit corporation, Minnesota Secular Homeschool Enrichment, Inc. (MSHE)
  18. 2016–2016
  19. 2017–2018
  20. 2018–2018
  21. 2019–2020: Planet Homeschool introduces synchronous online classes in response to COVID-19
  22. 2020–2021
  23. 2021–2022
  24. 2022–2023
  25. 2023–2024: 25th Anniversary!

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A colorful slice of rainbow layer cake with candles. Text reads Planet Homeschool. 25th Anniversary Reunion and Celebration. 1999/2000–2023/2024. Sunday 22 October 2023. 3:00 PM–7:00 PM. At Planet Homeschool. 2708 33rd Ave NE, Saint Anthony Village. RSVP at Anniversary Celebration

Are you interested in helping our co-op celebrate a quarter century with a reunion event? The Leadership Team is looking for event organizers, planners, and helpers!


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Image: A colorful slice of rainbow layer cake with candles. 2021. Photo by Katie Rainbow on Unsplash.