$9/FAMILY PER YEAR (minimum & maximum fees apply)



Following is an example of how our Homeschool-Life.com billing works:

Your group of 100 members requests a Homeschool-Life.com website for a FREE 60 day trial in July. Your Membership Secretary enjoys the ease with which all of your families register for membership on your new website. He/she gives his 1-click approval and, voila!—a secure on-line membership directory is automatically created.

Your Treasurer watches as the invoices are generated and PayPal payments are automatically recorded. Events Director begins to populate your calendar with exciting field trips, a science fair, spelling bee…. Co-op Director sets up the classes you will be offering this year. Better yet, she sets up a teacher administration password and login so the teachers can set up their own classes, curriculum, supplies lists, and teacher bios.

You monitor the feedback you are getting and watch as the group pulls together, communication is enhanced, everything becomes organized and centrally located where it is easily retrievable. Your Board meets and the decision is made, Homeschool-Life.com is definitely a good fit for your group!

At the end of the 60 day trial, in September, your group is billed $9/member x 100 members, a total of $900.00.

Through the year your group sees several members move away and a few new members join. When the next September rolls around, the count is now only 90 members. Your second Homeschool-Life.com invoice comes in at $9/member x 90 members, a total of $810.

Again you are seeing an ebb and flow of members through the year and are surprised by your group's growing popularity. After summer registration your third year, membership is up to 120. Your third Homeschool-Life.com invoice is due at $9/member x 120 members, a total of $1,080.

* * * * * *

As you see in the above example, you will be invoiced based on the number of families in your group. Naming the months is strictly for purposes of clarity in our example. Each group’s renewal date will differ. The renewal date is determined by your start date plus the 60 day free trial. Keep in mind that our maximums and minimums could apply if your group is large or small. If more than 10 homeschooling families join the group after your renewal date, you will be billed for the new families at that time. Please see the maximum and minimum note on the Pricing tab, Pricing Overview.

So the only question left is one that we get asked all of the time – “How do you do it? How can you offer such an amazing website with all of these features for only $9/family per year?” The answer to that question will remain a mystery, except to say that we do work very hard to offer you an excellent product for a low cost because we believe in your mission. Homeschool-Life.com is made by homeschoolers for homeschoolers! We are in this together and we are committed to your success!