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Elective Classes

How to Read Your Bible

Class Description:

If you have ever wondered if there were ways of getting more out of your Bible-reading, this class is for you! Over the course of the school year, we will read much (if not all) of the Holy Bible and delve deep into the literary devices, genres, and techniques that comprise the greatest Book ever written. Our goal will be to see the beauty of God revealed to us in the Bible and to train our hearts to be excited about reading Scripture!

Tutor:  Braxton Carvette

Class Length:  One Full Year or One Semester – Fall/Spring

Grade Level:  8th-12th 

Tuition:  $165 per semester

Class Size:  Minimum of 5; Maximum of 20 

Textbook Requirements:   A Bible. Preferably the English Standard Version as that is the version that will be used by the tutor.

Supplies: Different colored pens, pencils, or markers may be helpful for the student, but are not required.

Prerequisite: None.

Homework: Yes. 2-4 hours per week.

Required:  Internet access. A type of word document for class papers.

Computer Applications

Class Description: 

Complete assignments using a PC or Mac and Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Projects include: the basics of organizing files within folders; using a word processor to create/edit an announcement or flyer, letter, resume, and research paper to explore tools such as styles, table of contents, section breaks, and page numbering; building a worksheet and working with formulas and functions, formatting, charting, and what-if analysis to determine the best way to present information that is visually appealing; using a design template along with the outline view to create an electronic slide show with graphics, transitions, and animation; and integrating all three programs to capture the essence of the using the Microsoft Office Suite collectively with a final presentation.

Tutor:  Tiffany Pavlish
Class Length:  One semester course-offered fall and spring semester
Grade Level:  9-12
Tution:  $175 per semester
Class Size:   Minimum of 5; Maximum of 15
  • Office 2016 Simplified, by Elaine Marmel, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., ISBN 978-1-119-07474-8
  • (purchase one per family as a reference)
  • Microsoft Office 2016, preferred; 
  • Laptop computer or access to a desktop computer (PC or Mac)
  • Internet access
  • Pocket folder, paper, and pens
Prequisite:   None
Homework:   Plan on 3-5 hours per week—dependent on reading ability, communication skills, keyboarding skills, and prior computer experience
Required:  Microsoft Office 2016, preferred; Laptop computer or access to a desktop computer (PC or Mac)  Internet access
Pocket folder, paper, and pens

Private Piano and Guitar Lessons


Class Description:

Students will receive private lessons on the instrument of their choice learning music theory, technique, and practice skills. Lessons will be catered to each student based on previous experience, skill, and learning style. The primary purpose of these music lessons will be to develop musical ability and personal practice skills while accomplishing any goals students want to set for themselves.

Tutor: Hunter Fraser

Class Length: 30 minutes

Grade Level: 8 - 88 years old

Class Size: 1 student per half hour lesson time

Tuition: $20 per half hour lesson. Payment calculated based on when register for lessons. Students may register at any time during the semester.

Homework: Students are expected to practice as assigned by Tutor. Assume 30 minutes daily, 5-7 days per week.

Supplies/Equipment Requirements: Students must have consistent access to the instrument they are learning.

Prerequisite: None


WEST Phyed

Class Description:

Students will be introduced to a variety of games and sports. The goal of homeschool phyed is to have fun, exercise and learn basic skills to help the homeschool student participate in park activities or family functions. All homeschool students are at different levels for different reasons, the objective of this class is to learn team skills and exercise to stay healthy. Students will learn the names of bones and muscles each week.  Classes will be held outside on the WEST campus in Rogers.
Tutor:  Leann Liberator

Pre-requisite: none

Class length: First six weeks of fall semester

Grade level: Grades 5-9

Class size: 10 student minimum, 25 student maximum

Tuition: $55 per semester

Supplies: gym shoes, water bottle, clothing appropriate for the outdoors

Personal Health, Fitness, and Safety for Life

Class Description:

Why not take this class at the end of the day to give the mind a bit of a rest and engage in physical activity while fulfilling the health credit requirement? We’ll have fun as we learn about the human body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, in relation to personal fitness and wellness. Ever thought about how the mind, body and spirit are connected? Through a systematic look into each of the components of health and fitness, we’ll discover just how important “tending the temple” is. Hands-on activities and assessments will be included to aid in awareness of our current well-being and to provide the basis for personal goal setting. We’ll assess how important leading a balanced life is and how to figure out when and where we are out of balance.  Organizing a “Personal Fitness and Well-being Portfolio” will be a required, ongoing project which will serve as a valuable resource for future reference. This is not an exercise class; however, we will engage in some physical activity during most classes as we learn safe exercise methods and technique.  Students will be expected to perform regular exercise outside of class and log their progress as they participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. A pre and post physical fitness assessment will be conducted. 

As we learn more about the importance of our personal health, we naturally become interested in safety.  The spring semester will focus on personal health and safety throughout life and will include instruction in first aid and CPR/AED (with optional certification potential). Illness and disease risk factors and prevention will be included as well as knowing the signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke, and other emergency situations and how best to act. The American Heart Association states that four out of five cardiac arrests happen in the home.  That means those to whom we are closest are at highest risk; knowing some simple action steps can double or even triple the chance of saving a loved one’s life.  Also, many jobs such as lifeguarding, camp counselor, swim instructors, etc. often require certification in first aid and CPR.  Having the knowledge of sound safety and first aid practices along with CPR can provide the confidence and skills needed to effectively handle any emergency situation.

* Dating and related emotional health issues will not be specifically addressed in this class.

Prerequisite:  8th grade and above

Tutor:  Susan Robinson

Grade Level:  Grades 8-12

Class Length:  Full Year course

Class Size:   5 student minimun; 20 student maximum

Tuition:  $180 per semester (which includes the $10 supply fee)

Textbook Requirement:  The tutor will provide required reading material via the computer/internet; written assignments and supplemental information will be provided in class.  Access to the internet is required.

Required materials:  notebook (or paper), folder, 3-ring binder with dividers, writing utensils, comfortable clothing, athletic footwear, water bottle;  a set of exercise bands and/or free weights/hand weights is highly encouraged (tutor will provide recommendations to those taking the class).

Homework:   3 hours per week; will include reading, studying/memorizing, completing questionnaires and activity sheets and regular exercise as discussed in class; several quizzes/tests will be included.

Supply fee:  $10 per semester for copies/handouts.  (included in the tuition already)

First Aid/CPR/AED certification fee: TBD


Personal Finance (spring semester 2018)

Class Description:
Saving, budgeting, debt, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing, retirement, insurance, money and relationships, careers, taxes, and giving are among the subjects of this class.
Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool will guide the content of the class.
Grades will be based on classroom participation and completion of homework.
Prerequisite: None
Tutor: Jan Sands
Class Length: Spring Semester only
Grade Level: Grades 9-12
Class Size: 5 student minimum, 18 student maximum
Tuition: $170 per semester
Homework: Homework will vary, but will be about 2-4 hours per week
Textbook Requirement: Each student will need his or her own copy of the following worktext. There are other editions available, so be sure you are getting the book shown in the following link.
Each student will also be required to read and report on one book during the first half of the semester. All of the suggested books should be available at your public library. Choose from among the following:
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  • Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
  • The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley & Dr. William D. Danko
  • Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life by Ruth Soukup
  • The Legacy Journey: A Radical View of Biblical Wealth and Generosity by Dave Ramsey
  • Giving It All Away...and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously by David Green



Class Description:

To provide a basic knowledge of sewing or to expand upon the students’ skills that they might already have. Students will gain a basic knowledge of how to sew with a machine, how to thread the upper and lower threads, use the different stitches that are available on their machines, and identify the different parts of a sewing machine. They will learn how to use the basic sewing tools and how to read and use a pattern. The students will sew 3 or 4 different projects by themselves each semester.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Chris Carl

Class Length: Full Year Course

Grade Level: Grades 5-12

Class Size:  5 student minimum

Tuition: $165 per semester

Homework: TBD

Required Supplies:

  • A sewing machine
  • A seam ripper
  • Straight pins with the little colored balls at the end
  • Sharp scissors
  • White and blue marking pencils
  • A metal sewing ruler
  • Empty bobbins
  • White and black thread
  • A box to keep all of the supplies in

The WEST Kitchen

Class Description:

This class will equip you to prepare simple, healthy, delicious food. You will learn how to peel, chop, blend, juice, and prepare a variety of dishes including smoothies, soups, salads, sides, snacks, main dishes, desserts, some international dishes, as well as some holiday inspired cooking/baking. This class will include cooking and eating.

An additional component to this class is service. A couple of times during the year, we will prepare a double batch of food that will given to someone in need.

The basic skills learned in this class will stay with you for a lifetime. You will leave this class with approximately 15 amazing recipes that you will be excited to prepare for your family and friends. Let's start cooking!

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Diana Dutcher

Class Length: Full Year

Grade Level: Grades 6-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 12  student maximum

Tuition: $185 per semester

Homework: TBD


A simple folder + a notebook + pen/pencil

$10 for cooking supplies per semester (collected on the first day of class/checks made out to tutor)

An apron! (borrow one, find one at Goodwill, make one, or check Marshall’s or Amazon!)


Light Bearer’s Worldview

Class Description:

Students will learn how “ideas have consequences.” What one thinks and the ideas one believes determines how he or she views the world and lives one’s life. This course will guide students in their exploration of the foundations of the Christian worldview while comparing these to the foundations of other, competing worldviews. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, economics, and history.

Summit Ministries; “Light Bearers” curriculum will provide the core guidance through topics such as apologetics, cults, evolution, naturalism, moral relativism, relationships, and socialism.

Prerequisite: Curiosity, a desire to think and ask questions

Tutor: Jeff Herringshaw

Class Length: Full Year (this class will start one week later than regular WEST classes-begins Sept. 13)

Grade Level: Grades 8-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Class Tuition: $175/fall semester (13 weeks) & $180/spring semester (15 weeks)

Homework: Weekly writing and workbook assignments


Please note: This class begins a week late for fall semester only. The start date is Sept. 13, 2017.


Study Skills

Class Description:  

In this class, students will learn strategies for making study time more fruitful and efficient.  Areas of focus include healthy study habits, note-taking skills, memory tools, graphic organizers, word identification skills, math and spelling tools, and test-taking strategies.   

Prerequisite: None

Tutor:  Jennifer Holt

Class Length:  Fall Semester Only

Grade Level:  Grades 7-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Tuition:  $160 per semester plus a $15 handout fee payable on the first day of WEST, cash or check written out to Jennifer Holt.

Homework: 1-2 hours/week

Textbook Requirements:  No text required.  Tutor will supply copies of SOAR Study Skills book for reading throughout the semester, as well as additional handouts.  

Supplies:  A key component of this class is organization.  Please bring the following to class on the first day: one 1" binder with pockets on the inside cover, one set of binder dividers (preferably with pockets), one file folder for each class you are taking this semester, and loose-leaf notebook paper.  I will provide planner pages (weekly and monthly), unless you have a planner you prefer to use.


Introduction to Photography 

Class Description: 

In this class we will explore various elements of photography including composition, locations, posing, backgrounds and lighting.    This will be a fast paced, hands on and fun class with weekly student image critique,  demonstration, and practice.   Weekly assignments will give students the opportunity to apply what we learn in class and will leave room for their own creative approach and expression.  Students will have the chance to showcase some of their work at the end of each semester.  

*The class will not cover the technical aspects of your camera.  You must know how to operate your camera and adjust your ISO, aperture (f-stop), and shutter speeds.  

Tutor: Brenda Howe
Class Length: Full Year Course
Grade Level: Grades 7-12
Class Size: 5 student minimum, 15 student maximum
Tuition: $175 per semester
Homework:  Assignments will take 1-2 hours per week.
Supplies/Equipment Requirements/: Students must have a digital camera to use for the semester.  DSLR is preferred but a point and shoot with adjustable shutter speed, aperture and ISO will also work.  Must have the manual for your camera, the ability to submit digital assignments to tutor electronically and the ability to print off assignments.  Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil for taking notes, along with a folder for handouts.
Prerequisite:  Must know how to operate your camera including adjusting the ISO, aperture (f-stop) and shutter speed.
Required:  Internet access


ACT Test Prep

Class Description:

This course is offered for the first seven weeks of each semester at a tuition rate that is incredibly low compared to other ACT prep courses.  Plus, the tutor quality is high!  A typical ACT Test Prep course lasts between 4-5 weeks in one hour sessions with an average cost of $50-$150+ per hour.  WEST's is well under that rate AND extending the class times to 90 mns because we understand the budget of a homeschool famil and the value of teaching.

Students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade benefit from this class as they prepare for the ASPIRE and ACT tests.

This course is designed to guide students through strategies that will help them prepare for the ACT Test. Students will be familiarized with the general content and structure of the ACT and strategies both for studying strategically and for taking the test strategically on exam day. Throughout the 6 or 7 weeks, students will study each portion of the test: English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing. Throughout the course, they will take practice exams and diagnostic exams to determine each student’s individualized study needs.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Heather Kipp

Class Length:  This class meets for 7 weeks fall semester & spring semester

Cancellation Policy:  Because of the limited weeks of instruction, the cancellation policy for ACT Test Prep will be different than the general WEST policy.  If a cancellation occurs 24 hours after the first day of class, a $50 refund will be given.

  • Fall Session: - Seven Mondays:  September 11 - October 23, 2017
  • Spring Session - Seven Mondays:  January 15 - February 26, 2018

Grade Level:   10th – 12th grade students planning to take the ACT test within the next year; or by approval of instructor

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Tuition$185 per semester

Homework:  Homework will be given each week to guide initial student preparation for the ACT.  It will include study skill activities, ACT practice and diagnostic exams, practice activities for each test content area, and individualized study assignments.

Textbook Requirements:  Spring semester students should purchase their own copy of Cracking the ACT with 6 Practice Tests, 2018 Edition by Princeton Review. ISBN-13:978-1524710743. It can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another retailer of your choice.


Supplies:  If possible, students should also bring the scientific or graphing calculator that they intend to use when they take the ACT test.


WEST Yearbook Committee

Class Description:

In John 14:26 it says “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.”

God wants us to remember all the good memories we have with one another. At WEST there are many!

Signing up for the yearbook committee, students will photograph, create, and decide all elements of the chronicle. Students might also want to add some secret additions to the pages. For example, last year’s committee sneaked in a Where’s Waldo surprise and everyone loved it!!

This committee is facilitated, for the third year, by WEST graduate, Megan Sands. She brings experience, creativity, and vision to this project.

There will be team meetings scheduled throughout the year on Wednesdays. Some meetings will take place during lunch while others will be during students’ free periods. Registered students will receive a timeline late August.

*Participating on this committee is a great way to earn an elective credit.

Prerequisite: none

Facilitator: Megan Sands

Grade Level: Grades 8-12th

Committee Length: periodic meetings September- March: Photographing events and classes throughout the year.

Committee size: 3 student minimum, 6 student maximum

Tuition: 0

Textbook requirement: None

Required Materials: Camera-point and shoot or DSLR, Computer, internet access, Pencils and pens, Highlighters 3 different colors, and Binder.

Committee work: At home, varies depending on how many pages the student is creating. Roughly 15 hours over the course of the school year.