Paying Your Tuition and Materials Fees

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Payments for tuition and class materials are made to the instructor via Planet Homeschool.

Instructors at Planet Homeschool are independent contractors hired and paid directly by parents to teach their children. Payments to instructors must be made via PayPal through a Homeschool-Life-generated invoice.

Payment deadlines

Tuition must be paid no later than our co-op’s Cancellation Deadline, which is listed on our Calendar as the “Last Day to Drop Fall Classes and Receive a Full Refund”. This date can be found in our co-op’s Calendar and on our Important Dates page which is found under Classes in the sidebar menu.

Any unpaid class registrations on that date will not count toward a class’s minimum number of enrolled students and may result in a class being canceled due to low enrollment.

Late registrations after that date should be paid within 3 days of registration — or before the next class meeting, whichever comes first.

Unpaid registrations for classes will be canceled after two contact attempts.

PayPal via your Homeschool-Life-generated invoice

In most cases, tuition must be paid via this website, which uses PayPal.

To pay via PayPal:

  1. Log into this website using your username and password.
  2. To get to your family’s Statement of Account, click on  Balance  in the top menu bar.
  3. Check the Pay box next to the class you wish to make a payment for.
  4. Click on the  PAYPAL  button.
  5. Complete your payment.
  6. If you are not automatically redirected back to your Statement of Account when your payment is complete, click the Return to Merchant button to do so.
  7. Repeat for all other outstanding balances.
    • You must make separate payments to each instructor.

Checks via Planet Homeschool’s Finance Director

A few instructors, who have been around since before our co-op had an online-payment system, only accept payment via checks.

  • Only instructor accounts marked as “checks only” may be paid by check.
  • All others must be paid through PayPal via the Homeschool-Life-generated invoice.

To pay via check:

  1. Make your check payable to the instructor as stated on your invoice or in your Statement of Account:
    Name–checks only
    This will be either the instructor’s name or the name of the instructor’s business.
  2. Write separate checks for the full tuition amount for each individual class.
  3. Write the class name on the memo line of the check.
  4. You must mail your check to Planet Homeschool’s Finance Director:
     Teri Frost
     5105 14th Ave S
     Minneapolis, MN 55417-1801
    • Do not mail your check to the instructor or your account will not be credited as paid.
    • Do not hand your check to the instructor or your account will not be credited as paid.
    • Payments for tuition and class materials are made to the instructor via Planet Homeschool.

Our co-op’s Finance Director must manually credit your check payment to your account. Checks are distributed to instructors on the first day of the semester. Please send your checks immediately — it will not change when your check is deposited, and it makes our volunteer Finance Director's job easier.

Membership Fee

Before you can register for classes at Planet Homeschool, you must first join our co-op or renew your membership, sign our Waiver and Release of Liability, Parent Agreement, and Student Agreement(s), and pay your Membership Fee.

Refund policy