WEST strives to come along side home school students and families in an effort to support the educational journey. Bringing PSEO to our community is just one way in which WEST assists.

WEST offers Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) courses through North Central University (NCU), Minneapolis, MN at our Maple Grove campus on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students will earn university credit for courses successfully completed through this program while at the same time earning high school credit from home school (dual enrollment).

NCU adjunct professors teach each NCU PSEO course. They have been hired by the university, approved of by WEST and are excited to teach your high school junior and senior on the WEST campus!

True to the WEST mission and purpose, PSEO course work is presented with a Christian-Biblical Worldview in a setting that builds community and grows faith.

PSEO is a Minnesota state program for high school juniors and seniors in public or non-public high school or home-school program that gives students the opportunity to complete their high school requirements by taking non-sectarian courses at a participating college or university.
From Minnesota Department of Education; Minn. Stat. 124D.09 (1999).


PSEO offers students the opportunity to enroll in and attend college-level courses and apply earned credits toward high school graduation requirements and a college degree [dual enrollment].
State funding covers the cost of tuition and required books for eligible courses.  
Specific requirements and limitations vary per school.