PSEO Communications Courses

Public Speaking - COMM 220 - 2 credits

Professor:  Karen Heuer

Prerequisite:  none

Class type:  one semester course offered both fall and spring semester (10 weeks only)

Course description:  This is an introductory course in the fundamentals of creative, contemporary communications processes with emphasis on the dynamics of interpersonal communication as well as public speaking techniques. Students glean theoretical concepts from textbook and lectures. Those theories are practically applied as speeches are written, delivered, and critiqued in the classroom.


Total Due:

  • All tuition and text materials costs for this course are paid to NCU by MN PSEO funding.
  • Adjunct professors are paid by NCU.
  • Fee for this 2 credit course is $10.00 ($5.00 per credit) plus a $20.00 one-time/student/semester initial administrative processing fee.
  • WEST fees will be billed online as one lump sum to the student's family upon acceptance of the student to his/her PSEO NCU courses at WEST.