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Mrs. Susan Robinson To All Instructors

Susan Robinson has homeschooled for the past fifteen years and loves being a WEST tutor and PSEO Course Assistant. She has worked for several major universities as a certified Health/Fitness Instructor, coordinating programs, teaching classes and leading student development initiatives. She has additional experience as an exercise rehab specialist, corporate health educator, first aid/CPR instructor, elementary physical education and health teacher, coach, consultant, and presenter. She believes in service as “soul medicine” and is active in her church and community.
Filled with love for God and His creation, Susan continues to grow in her desire for all that is good, true and beautiful and hopes to inspire her students to do the same. She is passionate about seeing each student’s gifts and potential, then watching them work hard to achieve their goals. Susan has a B.S. in Education (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and an M.S. in Health & Physical Education (Virginia Tech), with concentrations in Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation. With several graduate classes completed in the field of counseling psychology, she brings an understanding of the whole person to her students and is able to meet them where they are and inspire them to attain their goals.
Susan loves life and see it as an exciting journey with all its twists and turns, and especially enjoys family time, recreation in nature (hiking, biking, walking, canoeing, you name it!), music, reading, crocheting, cooking, gardening, and just being. Prayer and experiential learning with students of all ages is the fuel that keeps Susan moving.

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