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Homeschool Prom

Homeschool Prom hosted by WEST

 Satuday, April 24, 2021 - 5:30-11:30pm 
Open to ALL 9-12 Grade Homeschoolers - not just WESTies

This is a formal affair

Typically Fourth Saturday in April - Refer to WEST Calendar here
5:30 -11:30 pm      Dinner, Dance, Activities


$60 per student (including dinner) March 1 - 31
$65 per student (including dinner) April 1 - 20  
Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
Registration is not complete until payment is submitted
NOTE: If student registers by March 31 but payment is not received until April 1 - the payment becomes $65

Non-homeschoolers can only register if attending as a guest of a current homeschooler
Students must be at least in 9th grade to attend

Register HERE
Last day to register is 5 days prior to event

WEST reserves the right to refuse and accept any registration of any person without a reason given
In the event of refusal prior to event, the registration will be returned