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Homeschool Prom

Homeschool Prom hosted by WEST

 Saturday, April 23, 2022  |  5:30-Midnight 
Open to ALL 9-12 Grade Homeschoolers - not just WESTies

This is a Formal Affair

Typically Fourth Saturday in April - Refer to WEST Calendar HERE
5:30pm - Midnight      Dinner, Dance, Activities


Registration Closed as of April 9

$55 per student (including dinner) January 1 - 31
$60 per student (including dinner) February 1 - 28
$65 per student (including dinner) March 1 - 31
$69 per student (including dinner) April 1 - 15

Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
Registration is not complete until payment is submitted

NOTE:  If student registers one month and pays in a different month, the payment must reflect the different month's pricing

Student registers by March 31 but payment is not received until April 1 - the payment becomes $69

Non-homeschoolers can only register if attending as a guest of a current homeschooler
Students must be at least in 9th grade to attend

Registration Closes Once Capacity is Reached 

WEST reserves the right to refuse and accept any registration of any person without a reason given
In the event of refusal prior to event, the registration will be returned