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Mrs. Diana Dutcher To All Instructors

Diana was born with a passion for cooking good food. She was raised in a kitchen at the family restaurant in Columbia Heights; which is closing its doors in 2017 after 45 years in business. The entire family is looking forward to having more time to embark on new endeavors. For Diana, that means continuing to teach at St. Thomas University as an adjunct professor in the Engineering Department’s graduate program for medical device design, teaching at WEST Academy, spending the days raising five young children, and growing a home-based business through teaching people how to reduce their toxin intake and live chemical-free.

Diana has been a volunteer at the Kitchen Window Culinary School since 2013, which allows her to be a teacher and a student. New skills, tips, and recipes are constantly being acquired so the WEST Kitchen will stay fresh and relevant.

Diana and her family currently attend Genesis Covenant when the kids decide to cooperate on Sunday mornings. Her other hobbies and interests include reading, cooking for friends and family, hosting do-it-yourself parties, and boating.

Current Classes
PSEO Intro to Business - BUS 101 - Bethel - 4 credits – Adjuct Professor (open)
PSEO Math for the 21st Century - MAT 101M - Bethel - 4 credits – Course Assistant (open)
The WEST Kitchen (W3) – Tutor (open)
The WEST Kitchen (W4) – Tutor (open)
The WEST Kitchen (W2) – Tutor (open)