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Mr. Josh Gavin To All Instructors

At just 15-years-old Josh was able to build and launch his first array of businesses online while sitting in the classrooms of WEST. After constantly being put in a leadership role both in the church and outside of it, he quickly realized his gifts and talents would be more useful in the real world. As much as he wanted to stop school altogether and participate in business full time, Josh paid his way through high school at WEST and graduated with a full-time role as a CEO and Founder of his own marketing agency. Josh would then help build and market hundreds of companies around the world via the agency under his name. Josh also went on to help his clients win TWO ‘2CC Awards,” which are presented to businesses that build products that go on to make over $1 million dollars in sales. (These awards are given by Clickfunnels.com) This was all done by the age of 18-years-old. Now Josh has pivoted his business to help other entrepreneurs build and launch their companies using the same principles he built his company on. Josh is hoping he can inspire other kids who may be like him so that they can build a business at any age.

Josh grew up with eight siblings, leads worship, and still actively plays baseball for the Buffalo town team.

Current Classes
Business Bootcamp – Tutor (open)