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Peabody Test Registration 2024

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Please fill out the following information to register for the Peabody Test at WEST.

Testing will take place on Monday-Wednesday & Friday, April 15-17 & 19, 2024 - Dates/times available appear on form

NOTE:  If you are a current WEST member, please login first so your registration is linked to your account.

IMPORTANT: Your registration is not complete until you have paid and the WEST Registrar, registrar.west@gmail.com has contacted you regarding your desired testing time slot/s - 90mns per student.


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Check made out to WEST Paypal
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Please select the below test administrator. Thank you.

Jan Sands
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Please select all the dates and time blocks that work for your student/s to be tested in April. MUST HAVE a minimum of TWO different days of the week.

 NOTE: The registrar will contact you by the end of March with your exact testing date and a time within the morning or afternoon blocks selected. Please reserve all selected blocks on your calendar until date/time has been solidified. 

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Friday, May 3, 12pm-4pm Monday, May 6, 9am-12pm (noon)
Monday, May 6, 12pm-4pm Tuesday, May 7, 9am-12pm (noon)
Tuesday, May 7, 12pm-4pm Wednesday, May 8, 9am-12pm (noon)
Wednesday, May 8, 12pm-4pm Friday, May 10, 9am-12pm (noon)
Friday, May 10, 12pm-4pm

Questions?  Contact the Registrar by email at registrar.west@gmail.com 

Mark your calendars now with the Peabody Testing dates/times you selected above!
Your exact date/time will be confirmed by the end of March.



 IMPORTANT:  Your registration is not complete until your payment has been received and you have been contacted by the WEST Registrar, registrar.west@gmail.com, with the testing time slot assigned to you - 90minutes per student. Confirmation will be sent by the end of March.